Single Patient Support

This service will provide you with assistance for a current condition with an individual patient without a subscription.

If you only see a few exotic patients or do not want to take out a subscription, then this service will allow me to help and guide you through a diagnostic and treatment plan. You will have full access to the Case Support service for a single patient.

Single Patient Support


single fee
  • Case Support for a single patient
  • Not a subscription service
  • Can be charged to the client as a second opinion fee


Exotic Veterinarian Support

Whether it is helping you build your confidence, developing your skills or simply knowing there is someone to hand when help is required.

The Exotic Veterinarian Support element allows you to email me case histories and send through digital copies of radiographs, blood results and other diagnostic tests. I can talk you through my thoughts and rationale. We can then discuss how to move forward with the treatment plan.

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