The Mentoring Service

There are many different stages to our career and I am here to best cater your current and future requirements.

Are you a new graduate seeking Exotic Vet Mentoring?

A sole charge vet needing a second opinion? (I've been there too)

Would you like to take your exotic animal knowledge to the next level?

Does it help just by knowing someone is there to help you with a difficult case?

This is a flexible support system that can adapt to your learning needs. I love my job and I love teaching others. Let’s work together to improve the level of care we provide these exotic species.

This is a personal service with 7 day a week support.


Mentoring Service



per month
  • Full access to the EVS Academy
  • Email Support
  • Case Support
  • 6 or 12 month package available



The Exotic Vet Support Academy

This will allow you access to online video content. This content will be a library of information that I will continue to be updated for you to learn from and be able to revisit.

These include webinars covering important topics and clinical situations, case studies and demonstration of certain clinical techniques such as providing supportive care and obtaining diagnostic samples.

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Email Support

This allows you to send me clinical questions regarding exotic species and these could be medical or surgical related.

The aim here being to help you to clarify any question or problems you may have.


Case Support

Whether it is helping you build your confidence, developing your skills or simple knowing there is someone to hand when help is required.

The Case Support element allows you to email me case histories and send though digital copies of radiographs, blood results and other diagnostic tests. I can talk you through my thoughts and rationale. We can then discuss how to move forward with the treatment plan.